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What is Conscious Authentic?

Conscious Authentic is a leading edge phyigital collectible boutique providing premium physical trading cards alongside matching digital NFT assets. We are a new generation collectible trading card company incorporating new digital technology
while honoring the traditional ecosystem of collecting rare trading cards. We are a team of creative designers, digital artists, executives, and technologists that are passionate about the sports industry.


What is Phygital?

Concept of using technology to bridge the digital world with physical world with the purpose of providing a unique interactive experience. Conscious Authentic merges physical trading cards along with a digital version shared on your smart phone.


Do I buy the card separate from the Digital NFT?

No. Once you add the item to your cart and complete the purchase, you are buying the physical card and digital NFT asset together. Once you receive your card, you will be able toaccess your digital NFT online.


Is Conscious Authentic strictly creating football trading cards?

No. We are starting with NFL and College football athletes, but we will be developing partnerships to create trading cards in other sports including, but not limited to baseball, basketball, and soccer.


Do I need to setup or hold a crypto wallet prior to purchasing a CA trading card?

No. You can add any item to your cart and complete your purchase using any traditional debit/credit card. Once you receive the card in the mail, you will follow instructions included in the package to register your digital asset in the NFT marketplace.


What is Auto Card?

Trading card that has been “autographed” by the designated athlete.


What is the “Key”?

The “Key” is a moniker for the ability to access exclusive content. If you purchase a trading card with a “key”, periodically you will have access to view restricted content only found with the trading card such as personal messages, interviews, discounts and/or early access to limited drops on merch, and more.


How do I access the digital version once I receive the card in the mail?

Essentially, you tap your smart phone parallel against the trading card case. A notification will pop-up on your smart phone. Click the notification, and the animated digital version of your trading card will active. That simple.

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