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Collection by VC / "Spirit Snatcher" Phygital Trading Card / Artist Auto'd / Silver Parallel


- Art by Collection by VC
- Limited to 10

- Premium mechanics 
- Dynamic digital assets  

- KEYXS enabled 

"Spirit Snatcher" | 奪魂手

Leaving his own kingdom has made him no longer "The Servant of God" as he self-proclaimed to his people of Oklahoma City, but by joining forces with one of the most antagonistic group in league history out in The Bay, he has suddenly become the most vicious villain of all. This month, VC combines the strengths of "Durantula" and "Slim Reaper" as KD embraces his dark side as the "Spirit Snatcher", snatching the heart out of anyone who dares to get in the way of getting what belongs to him.

CBVC / "Spirit Snatcher" Phygital Trading Card Silver / Artist Auto

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